KADI Shopping Show Do's and Don'ts

Do – Use your certificate BEFORE it expires. Expiration dates are there for a reason and are a contractually agreed to date between the business and the KADI Shopping Show.


Do – Expect AND pay the appropriate sales tax. This is a government thing and non-negotiable. The same is true for fees associated with Branson Show tickets.


Do – Leave a gratuity for the entire amount of your transaction including the gift certificate amount (customary amounts are 15 – 20%). Servers in restaurants, massage therapist, estheticians (manicure and pedicure), and others depend on gratuities to pay their bills. If you receive sub-standard service then bring it to a managers or owners attention.


Do – Be an ambassador FOR the Shopping Show. Everyone is getting a great deal here – you by saving money; businesses by advertising on a barter basis; and the radio station by attracting and getting advertisers and listeners. Everybody wins!


Do – Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Most often, the attitudes we get are the same attitudes we have given.


Don’t – Attempt to use expired gift certificates or exceed stated limitations or restrictions.


Don’t – Make a scene at a persons business – period. If you can’t act like an adult, then call us and we will drop you from our Shopping Show membership.


Don’t – Ask for cash refunds or refunds on your credit card. The Shopping Shows posted rules state that you will receive a credit on your account that can be used towards future purchases.


Don’t – Leave gift certificates on the table or in the Guest Check Book then leave the restaurant. Make sure that you have: 1. properly paid for ALL of your meal; 2. Covered appropriate taxes; 3. Left a gratuity. Then you can leave and go home – with a clear conscience.


Don’t – Attempt to use multiple discounts or offers with your Shopping Show gift certificates. You are already saving a substantial amount with your Shopping Show gift certificate.


Don’t – Ask for special considerations. That makes it uncomfortable for the business owner and does not reflect positively on you and on the KADI Shopping Show.


Don’t – Return a certificate back to the Shopping Show that has expired or will expire soon. Certain service oriented businesses (Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Massage Therapist, etc) often schedule and work weeks in advance. Book your appointment as soon as possible. Holding a certificate for weeks or months and trying to use it the last week before expiration will: 1. – probably not work and 2. – not entitle you to a credit on your account. We have record of when you purchased it.


Businesses that participate in the KADI Shopping Show are looking to meet new customers, grow their business and be profitable.Along the way you benefit by getting to go places, and do things while saving money.


Every Do and Don’t above addresses an issue that has been recently reported or observed. Being a participant in the KADI Shopping Show is a privilege… not a right. If you choose to not comply with the listed Do’s and Don’ts your Shopping Show privileges can and will be revoked. Thank you in advance for being a part of the solution and not the problem.


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