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Their mission is to be the go-to sales team for residential and commercial real estate in Southern Springfield. They deeply believe in providing professional, personal, and personable service at the highest level to their clients, and by serving the community where they live and work. Seeking to make a positive change on the world, starting with themselves, their families, their community, and their clients. Life is good. Let's make it better. 1628 Republic Rd., Springfield, MO 65804 (417) 879-7979
Real Estate Radio with Langston Group
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Episode 48: Setting Expectations For Sellers with Jason & Katie

August 18th, 2022 05:00pm

Episode 34 - Interest Rates & Bubble or Recession with Brenton Illum of AGCU

May 5th, 2022 05:00pm

Episode 33 - Home Warranties with George Brockman of Achosa with Jason & Katie

April 28th, 2022 05:00pm

Episode 32 - Chris Bryant - Murney Business Coach

April 21st, 2022 05:00pm

Adjustable Rate Mortgages with Jason & Katie

March 31st, 2022 05:00pm

Local Market Stats & Bridge Loans

March 24th, 2022 05:00pm

Rate Lock With Jason

March 17th, 2022 05:00pm

Buyer Experience & The Changing Market

March 10th, 2022 05:00pm

Getting Ready To List & More Taboo Topics With Katie

March 3rd, 2022 05:00pm

Reverse Contingencies

February 17th, 2022 05:00pm

Mortgages - Part 2

February 10th, 2022 05:00pm

Taboo Topics with Katie

January 27th, 2022 05:00pm

'As Is' Rider Verbiage Change, Rate Locks

January 20th, 2022 05:00pm

Common Questions & Rate Locks

January 13th, 2022 05:00pm

2022 Future Trends

December 16th, 2021 05:00pm

Ozarks Remodel & Design - Special Guess Aaron Wyssmann

December 9th, 2021 05:00pm

Liberty Mutual - Special Guest Adam McGrath

December 2nd, 2021 05:00pm

All Things House, Staging and Winterizing

November 18th, 2021 05:00pm

Wise Built Homes - Special Guest Austin Miller

November 11th, 2021 05:00pm

VRBO and AirBNB - Special Guest Matt Grandt

November 4th, 2021 05:00pm

Hogan Land Title - Special Guest Angel Inman

October 28th, 2021 05:00pm

Conventional Financing

October 21st, 2021 05:00pm

Financing Contingency

Episode 13
October 14th, 2021 05:00pm

Special Guest - Home Inspections - Micah Carti

Episode 12
October 7th, 2021 05:00pm

Special Guest - Appraiser - Brandon Monsanto

Episode 11
September 30th, 2021 05:00pm

Buying and Selling Contingencies

Episode 10
September 23rd, 2021 05:00pm

Mortgage Types And Strategies

Episode 8
September 9th, 2021 05:00pm

Mobiles Modulars And Tiny Homes

Episode 7
September 2nd, 2021 05:00pm

Earnest Inclusions & Exclusions

Episode 6
August 26th, 2021 05:00pm

Concessions and Contingencies

Episode 5
August 12th, 2021 05:00pm

Do You Trust Your Realtor?

Episode 4
August 5th, 2021 05:00pm

Is It Time To Sell Your Home?

Episode 3
July 29th, 2021 05:00pm

Who Is Langston Group?

Episode 2
July 22nd, 2021 05:00pm

Show Introduction

Episode 1
July 15th, 2021 05:00pm


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