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Robert Vincent Sims

The Garden Rebel radio shows and the television segments will inspire homeowners to think creatively. His positive energy and passion will inspire you to create a beautiful nest - in fact, you may never want to leave your home again! The Garden Rebel believes that your home should be your own personal paradise. His artistic landscape design can help homeowners achieve that goal.

His Advice Works!

Robert Vincent Sims' mission is to help others, and he does it with a sincerity that the audience instantly picks up on. His success is as rare as some of the exotic specimens in his private collection. He believes in solving problems with the safest, most efficient means possible. His callers continually report back to let him know that he saved their spindly, sick and dying shrub, tree or groundcover. His callers are vivacious and eternally optimistic. Many listeners keep "Garden Rebel Journals" that are detailed and categorized to perfection. He is known for telling it like it is, and, if he feels a caller has misused and abused a certain plant, he warns them with a ?Garden Rebel citation?. ?Keep it up", he says, "and you won't be allowed to work in the garden for not one, but two weeks!?

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Sunday 09:30am - 11:00am Garden Rebel


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